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Reclaimed Wood & Pallet Wood

Local pickup available for premium reclaimed & pallet wood

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Our reclaimed wood is more than just salvaged material – it's a story waiting to be told. Each piece has its own history, having weathered time and elements, resulting in a distinctive patina and texture that cannot be replicated. By choosing our reclaimed wood, you not only contribute to sustainability but also bring a touch of history into your space.

Ready to transform your space with the beauty of reclaimed wood? Reach out to Red Fox Reclaiming! Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a business owner, or an interior designer, we're here to assist you in selecting the perfect materials for your vision.

Visit our contact form at the bottom of this page to request more information or share details about your project. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call – we love discussing ideas and helping you find the ideal reclaimed wood for your needs.

Reclaimed Wood Inspiration for Homeowners & Businesses

Image by Keith Misner

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