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Red Fox Reclaiming

Upcycling materials such as wood, wine and whiskey barrels for functional, and one of a kind decor, for your home or business.

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Our Background

It all began with a desire to create a rustic retreat in my barn, for my own family.  The reaction from friends and family was more than expected.  I began recycling pallets, and selling the boards.  The next step came, when an opportunity arose, to sell wine and whiskey barrels, then creating unique and functional items.  Thanks to a strong family support system, and a passion for creativity, Red Fox Reclaiming was born.

Whether you’re looking for reclaimed wood planks for your wall, whiskey or wine barrel cabinet or table, all customer requests are taken seriously.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Marc Williams
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Rob did such a great job with my wife’s liquor barrel and table top. It was delivered on time and exceeded my highest expectations. Thanks so much!

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